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Hi friends. Today’s post is a special one that we are super excited about; a collaboration with #mamaimadeit #lookmamai’montv is an online coupon and Cash Back site that partners with thousands of online retailers and more than 60 million members to deliver savings and rewards. Since we are in the business of looking good with a budget we thought it would be a great opportunity to spread the word and inform our readers about the savings and cash back opportunities at

We are creating a different looks each for different age groups and different budgets. With each category, we will try to reuse/ convert outfits from Day into Night, Casual to Dressy, Office to Party, etc.



Look 1: Casual work Outfit boccamifrontbackcami frontredshorts backred shorts


We created this look with a younger person on a low budget in mind. With summer in full force, a lot of people have a lot of informal jobs. We both recall working in a lab during our summer holidays in college where no one cared about what you wore as long as you wore closed-toe shoes. Some of you may have such jobs or may be waitressing or working at amusement parks, baby-sitting, volunteering at shelters, etc. This is a good look and can be easily converted for time out with friends.

Look 2: Time out with friends floralfrontfloralcropbackFor a casual time out with friends, change the shirt to this floral crop top. You may or may not want to retain the vest. That’s up to you. braided sandals leatherbagAdd this super cool and playful bag, change the shoes into the more fun, playful braided sandals. piece sneckcharmletAdd some more  jewelry and you’re ready to chill with the amigas!

Look 3: At the Beach bikibbiki bikibbikibbThis is a great bikini. So colorful and so much fun yet not too revealing. muscleherringboneCover up with this muscle tee and herring shorts on your way to the beach or the pool. slips tatsPair it with these colorful flip flops for a comfortable day out. And add these temprary tattoos for an extra edge. bbag taupehatThrow on this hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and the bucket bad is great for carrying some pool/beach essentials such as moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.


Look 1: For Work mustchinoespThis look is great for a lot of office setting. If you work in a formal setting, tuck in the shirt and pair with heels for a formal office look. If you work in a less formal setting, leave the shirt untucked and pair with flats for a more relaxed look.

Chino Pants

Mustard Top

Shoes (Espadrilles)


This bag is a little pricey but the assumption here is that you are older and earning a more stable and respectable salary but still young enough that you have little responsibility in terms of children, etc so this bag is well within reach. Plus this bag is so pretty and works well for numerous occasions: informal, formal, semi-formal, casual, etc.

Marc Fisher Bagear ear1

Add these stud earrings for a feminine touch.

Look 2: Outing with friends jew yell yells For a night out with friends, change the top to this cutout jeweled crop top and pair with these colorful heels from BCBG then remove the straps from the bag and use as a clutch for a night out look OR you can leave the straps on, still works and frees up your hands.

Jeweled Cut- out Crop Top

BCBG Yellow Treasure Pumpsearear1brace

Add these flower cuffs and this super cute bracelet for a fun time out with friends.

Look 3: At the beach toppsbrabotbottbottsThis tankini is great and perfect for the more conservative person. The top is not too revealing yet shows enough skin. It shows the right amount of cleavage and core area and the color is vibrant and perfect for the warmer months. The bottom is great as well. Can be customized to show more or less depending on preference so choose your pick.


Bikini Bottomvics

This cover-up is simple and can be worn and taken of with little fuss.

Cover-Upbuckflop  floppyflopp flopy

Pair with this bucket bag to carry essentials and top with this beautiful striped floppy hat for the perfect beach look.


Look 1: To the Office topttoptoppcl As an experienced professional your closet should have pieces that should be functional 5 years down the road. Therefore it is important to have some classic pieces in you closet regardless of the price. The CL Pigalles are a piece that every office woman can find use for. They are ever so functional and surprisingly comfortable in the 100mm.

Braided Tie Neck Top

CL Pigalle 100mmpants

A good pair of pants will go a long way in any woman’s closet. This Banana Republic pair is trendy yet classic and will probably still be a classic in 5 years.

Tie-Front Pantsysl

I have had eye of the Sac de Jour for forever and one of these days I’m going to take the plunge. Every season they come out with more impressive colors. Although some may say its too similar to the Hermes Birkin, it is a lot of bag for the price and well worth it. The Birkin is almost unattainable (in terms of price and availability), and this is a great alternative.

YSL Sac De Jour Bagdiakay

Another piece that an established professional woman needs (more like wants) in her closet is a pair of diamond earrings and a good necklace. The good thing about diamond earrings is that if you can’t afford the carat that you want you can start small and trade your way up. That is what I did. I had the 1/4 carat in college and when I graduated medical school with my first pay check I upgraded to 3/4 carat, paying the difference in price. Kay Jewelers has good deals and sales always available. It is a wise investment and it never depreciates.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamonds in Rhythm Necklace

Look 2: Night with friends jump jumpoThe 70’s are back, and jump suits are back with a vengeance. I actually love them. They are playful yet when pulled of with the right accessories can be oh so sexy. I tried to tie into this look some of the pieces that can be worn to the office. This jump suit would look great with CL Pigalle.

Lace Insert Red Jumpsuit ferr

Adding a slim belt would tie the whole look together. The Hermes belt could work for this look, but for some odd reason Amy hates the “H” plus this is more subtle and gorgeous for significantly less the price. This look would be perfect once again with a pair of diamond earrings and a diamond necklace.

Salvatore Ferragamo Belt1550

Bottega Veneta is one of the most understated designers, simple yet sophisticated. This designer never feels the need to advertise its label. It is a clutch that will and can be used in 10 years. A black clutch is timeless and this one with the knot clasp adds just a little something extra.

Bottega Venetta Knot Clutch

Look 3: Vacation bc bcbgResidency is over in 2 years and I’ve started planning a vacation ardently. Jamaica is the inspiration for this look. Seeing as I can’t swim my first thought was not the beach or bikinis. I was thinking about a nice dinner with friends by the pool. This dress gives me life. It is so much fun, yet classy and if you have not noticed my aesthetic is clean yet sophisticated. This dress can be paired with flat sandals but I wanted to dress it up a little.

BCBG Open Back Dresseli

Bucket bags are all the rave this season. Buying one at an affordable price would be my advise as this may not stand the test of time.

Elizabeth & James Bucket Bagcuffi valModern Cuff

Valentino Heeled Sandals

It was so great working with for this post and we had so much fun putting it together so thank you to the team for choosing to work with us 🙂

We hope you enjoyed this post.

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Thanks for reading and see you back soon.

Zelda + Imelda

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