Run don’t Walk

lindsey_borgman2-1127Hello friends.

Back when it was colder, I promised myself I would start running when it got warmer. I tried and I’m still trying. For now, the most I can run is a mile and then I’m just done. I guess running just isn’t for everybody.

lindsey_borgman2-1093Since running wasn’t going so smoothly, I decided to find other means of pure cardio. I got this jump rope for my younger brother who is a soccer player but I decided to break them in before handing them over. Yeah jump rope isn’t working too well either. I’m done after a few seconds of it. Hahahaaa but I’m working on it.


lindsey_borgman2-1111I found this outfit and fell in love with it partly because of it’s vibrant colors but mainly because of the text in the top: “Run don’t Walk”. Hahaaa don’t you just hate it when there’s a narrow path and the people in front of you are just non-chalantly walking, especially if it’s a couple, and they’re just laughing and holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes like 2 idiots and basically causing pseudo-traffic behind them. In general I’m a very patient person but in such instances I just wanna yell: “Walk Faster! or get out of the way!” but hey “Run don’t walk” works too.

lindsey_borgman2-1109Got these very pretty,vibrant, light-weight and extremely sturdy shoes from ASICS at a very affordable price.

lindsey_borgman2-1096Pure cardio isn’t my thing YET but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun whilst working on it. Even if I can only jump-rope for 5 seconds I try to enjoy it.

lindsey_borgman2-1133I think running and runners are pretty cool. But we all can’t be cool in the same way. So whatever you are good at, do it joyfully and aim to be the best at it. and whatever you currently struggle with, work on with a joyful heart.

Know your limits and push past them.


My life is so much better with exercise. Give exercise a shot, it may surprise you!

LLD Sheer Run Don’t Walk Tank: Aeropostale/ Orig $24.50; Paid $4.80

LLD Metallic Running Shorts: Aeropostale/ Orig $34.50; Paid $4.80

ASICS Gel Super J33: ASICS/ Orig $100, Paid $50

**still available and on sale**

Jump Rope: Walmart/ $2

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