Express Runway

lindsey_borgman3-9903Hi everyone.

You spoke, we listened. You wanted more Daryl, here’s more Daryl!


Well you didn’t exactly ask for more Daryl but anyway here’s more Daryl.

lindsey_borgman3-9928We all love express. They always have such amazing deals.


Whenever we go the mall we’re sure to check out express and on this day we were very happy we did.

lindsey_borgman3-9933Daryl and I had unknowingly been eyeing the male and female version of the same trench coat for a while now. So when we walked in and it was on crazy sale, I encouraged him not to pass up the offer.

lindsey_borgman3-9915They were also having an amazing deal on their sunglasses so we got a pair each. lindsey_borgman3-9908-2

lindsey_borgman3-9876Tell you what, dear ladies, if you have a man aka your hubby or bf or whatever who is a terrible dresser (unlike our Daryl) and you want to help improve his style, express is a great place to start. They have pieces for both men and women so you can shop for yourself too. It is also a great one-stop-shop; they have almost everything in there: boxers, socks, belts, jewelry, perfume, shirts, pants, hats, etc.

lindsey_borgman3-9893Going to try to be as detailed as possible with his clothes, but he’s having a hard time remembering the stores they’re from, much less the prices. But we’ll do our best.

lindsey_borgman3-9918That’s it for today.

Peace out ladies…and gents.

Fitted 1MX Stretch Cotton Shirt: Express/ Orig $59.90

**Buy one get one $19.90**

Camden Modern Fit Chino Pants: Express/ Orig $69.90

**Buy one get one $29.90**

(Minus the) Leather Trim Trench Coat: Express/ Orig $198; Paid $100

Shoes: Jordan $85

Fossil Watch: Macys/ Orig $160

**Bought during macys friends and family**

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