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lindsey_borgman3-9715Hello friends. Hope you are having a better hair day than I am. Hahaaa my hair does this in the summer. Can’t seem to hold on to a style it just puffs out…don’t know, someone once told me it was the humidity but idk and idc.

lindsey_borgman3-9729lindsey_borgman3-9718Let’s start with this crop top. I love it of course, that’s why I bought it. I love that is is still simple and very practical yet not your basic crop top. It has a little more style with the v-neck, the cut, and the fit that helps dress up any bottom. Of course it can be dressed down too and it is very comfortable.


lindsey_borgman3-9738The star of the outfit for me are these pants. I love them so much. I have a few reservations about them though:

1. They are waaaaay too long. I mean I know I’m short but this is the smallest size and I had on ~4 inch heels and the pants still drag on the floor. Basically to be able to wear these comfortably you have to be 5’7″+. I think that’s quite ridiculous.

2. Their smallest size is still pretty big. I’m not the smallest person on earth and this is pretty roomy when I wear it.

lindsey_borgman3-9735But I make it work because I love it so much!

lindsey_borgman3-9750This bag/purse is a little bigger than most of my bags. But I decided to branch out and diversify mostly because I love the colors that make up this bag so much. It’s grown on me so much, probably because I can fit so much in it with very little fuss.

lindsey_borgman3-9761I had initially planned to wear these pants with a simple white crop, nude sandals, and nude lips because I felt the pants were loud enough but it was so bright outside I couldn’t help but be bright as well, hence the orange.

lindsey_borgman3-9724Thanks for reading and see you back soon.

V-Cut Crop Top: Forever 21/ Orig $15.99; Paid $10.99

**Still available and on sale. Click on link**

Soft Floral Tulip Pants: Forever21/ Orig $27.80; Paid $17.99

**Still available and on sale. Click on link**

Be Bright There Blush and Coral Purse: Orig $41; Paid $33

Anne Michelle Enzo 01 Melon Coral Single Strap Heels: $26

**also worn here**

Necklace: Express/

Rings + Bracelets:


  1. Barbara @ Green Obsessions

    June 16, 2015 at 17:34

    Very beautiful. I love this outfit and the beautiful wandering jew plant in the background 🙂

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