Buddy Workout

lindsey_borgman2-0686Hi friends, hope you’re having a great weekend. We decided to try something a little different.

lindsey_borgman2-0823Everyone, meet Daryl. He’s our younger brother. This is Imelda typing btw. This boy is simply amazing. He’s always there, so kind-hearted and caring; so selfless. I can’t emphasize how important he’s been in my life by just being there for me 24/7. But then again, that’s the case with all my siblings. Btw, dear ladies #heissingle

lindsey_borgman2-0696He’s one of the people who encouraged me to start working out. My first pair of sneakers, pictured here, I got because he had the same pair in blue and I tried them on and liked it so I decided to get one in my size and in pink of course.

I asked him to come and take some fitness pictures with me and he drove 5 hours to be a part of this. Like I said, he’s simply amazing. I wanted us to do the cool synchronized workouts like the ones I see all over Instagram, and it started out pretty well…but that didn’t last long.


Let me explain something to our dear readers. There are 5 “children” in my family. Children 1, 3 and 5 got the not-so skinny-genes from momma and children 2 and 4 got the super skinny genes from pops. Zel is child #2 and Daryl is #4 so they struggle to gain weight. (I’m #3)

Daryl has been trying to gain weight since he was born so he does a lot of weights. I on the other hand do workout videos so our workout styles are very different. He had no idea what I was doing; he was in total awe.

lindsey_borgman2-0706It was fine when we started with a simple lunge but when it was time to go into a lunge-jump-squat-jump-lunge progression, he was like whaaaaaattt???!!!! Is this exercise or dance choreography?

We tried to do a bunch of other things in sync but it just wasn’t, well, synchronized.

lindsey_borgman2-0687So we just decided to flex instead. He obviously has a much cooler flex face than I do and I clearly need to learn how to flex and look cool at the same time.

lindsey_borgman2-0692Thanks for reading and hopefully we can get Daryl to appear more on our blog.

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