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Namaste friends. Back with my favorite kind of posts: a workout post.

lindsey_borgman2-0788My favorite full-body exercise of all time is probably the push-up. Mostly because they work the entire body and there are so many different variations so there is no getting bored.

lindsey_borgman2-0766Here I’m doing a spider push-up and I’m really sad I didn’t get a better angle because this is a great full-body exercise and great for the obliques, for the  ladies out there trying to get their abs on.

lindsey_borgman2-0835I used to struggle so much with push-ups because I had weak arms but I practiced them everyday and finally learned how to do them. I started out on my knees and could barely get five in. Gradually that number rose and before I knew it I was doing full-body push-ups.

lindsey_borgman2-0787And I still practice them because there are so many of them and you can always get better. This is one of my favorites: the plyo push-up.. Again, sorry that the pictures were taken from the front view. I’ll try to get a side view of these in another post.

lindsey_borgman2-0810It’s all about trying to lift your entire body of the floor, land softly and then finish off with a push-up. I learned this from P90X3 and I absolutely love it so thanks Tony Horton.

lindsey_borgman2-0834You have to start from somewhere. No one was born super fit. Everyone has a starting point. Granted, we all start from different points, and we all have different bodies and different abilities…but that change your hoping for, that health, that fitness level, that strength, that body that you want, it won’t come by sitting on your butt. You have to work for it honey.

lindsey_borgman2-0842I can finally do these because I never gave up back when I couldn’t do them.


I forget what these are called but they’re also from X3. Basically you shoot your legs up and come down very slowly so that your arms work. And when your feet finally hit the floor, so a push-up and the repeat.

Does that make sense? lol


Now, on to the outfit. I’m wearing one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worked out in and it’s this cropped top for VS Sport. They are originally quite pricey for something you’re going to sweat out but I got a good deal on them plus they are quite fashionable; you can pair them with your favorite bottoms and be on your merry way.


Look at my hair flying around like little Alfalfa.

lindsey_borgman2-0919I prefer to workout in shorts over capris or pants but I have a few capris and pants for the few occasions when I need to wear workout clothes outside my home for example when I’m traveling and I have to use the gym or when we have an office obatacle course and I don’t want to be walking around in booty shorts in front of my boss, etc.

lindsey_borgman2-0926And of course, I paired it with my old faithful adidas climacool. I love these…2 years and still going strong!

lindsey_borgman2-0927Remember: If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done!

lindsey_borgman2-0932Thanks for reading.


VS Sport Crop Top: Victoria’s Secret/ victoriassecret.com Orig $26.50; Paid $7.99

Capris: Forever 21/ forever21.com

**sold out but they have so many great sports capris available**

Shoes (adidas climacool): Adidas outlet Original $120; Paid $50

ASICS wristband: asics.com Orig $10; Paid $5


  1. Stephanie Yankson

    June 1, 2015 at 14:21

    I want your arms! great post. i used to do push ups. back in my basketball days but then i goy lazy. lol… so i guess i have to start doing push ups again :-p

    1. Zelda&Imelda

      June 1, 2015 at 15:34

      Hahaaa thanks Stephanie and I want your legs lol I guess I’ll need to start running to get those legs. But yeah push-ups are great!

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