Hi Everyone, hope your enjoying the Spring/Summer as much as we are (that is, if it is Spring/Summer where you live). Whatever season it is where you are, try to enjoy it and make the most of it.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2539If you follow our blog long enough, you’ll quickly realize that I love dresses. They are so quick and convenient. All you need to do is accessorize and you’re good to go!

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2500

This picture is so “proper”. I was a little cold that’s why I look so stiff.

I usually wear this dress when I am going for a simple (little fuss) yet elegant and classy look. This is a good look in my opinion for Spring wedding. Try not to overdo it at someone else’s wedding. Wait for your own wedding to be best-dressed.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2509I therefore pair it with very simple accessories like these high qualiity jacket earrings I got for an insanely low price. I highly recommend them.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2505I also chose a simple crystal necklace. Again high quality with a low price tag. Once again, highly recommend.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2503

Last is this simple bracelet which I absolutely love. Probably my fave bracelet of all time. Trust and believe it’s quality is great, yet it was very affordable.

I’ve had people tell me not to mix gold and silver jewelry but I do not live by that rule. I have a lot of jewelry that is a combination of both gold and silver so I don’t see why I can’t mix gold and silver if I want to.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2525Talk about favorites. I LOVE these sandals. I get so many uses out of them. Whenever you wear an outfit and cant think of any shoes to pair it with, try nude pumps or nude sandals; chances are it’ll look great. They were a great price and they are quite comfortable too; and I love the detail in the back.

lindsey_borgman-2496I like this bag a lot because it is: 1. Quite different from a lot of bags I own and 2. Big enough to fit my essentials.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2544I LOVE this dress. It is not as flattering as it used to be because I lost a a few inches. Hopefully as I wash and dry it, it’ll shrink a little.

Z & A 3-2015 Macungie -2554Thanks for reading. See you next time.

ASOS Plunge Assymmetric Body-Concious Dress: Orig $41; Paid $22

ASOS V Bar Clutch Bag: Orig $40. Paid $17

Chinese Laundry Jealous Two Piece Sandals: Macy’s/ Orig $60; Paid $48

Shine Bright Gold Rhinestone Ear Jackets: $12

2-Carat Cubic Zirconia Necklace: Express/ Orig: $26.90 Paid $9.90

ASOS Love Fine Bracelet Pack (Bracelet was part of a pack): Orig $22; Paid $12

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