Fall and Leather

Hi ladies, today’s look is a very casual and affordable one. Enjoy!

Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-19Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-22In my opinion, (faux) leather is essential for the fall weather. From the leather jacket, to leather boots, to leather pants, to leather bags, you can’t go wrong with them.

Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-23Leather boots are a great investment since they look good with almost anything.  Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-29Skinny jeans are a short girls’ best friend. They give the illusion of leaner, longer legs and at 5’2″, I’ll take the help every now and then.

Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-30Leather jackets are light yet warm enough to keep you cozy and comfortable. A quality leather jacket can be a little expensive but I think they are worth it because they last a really long time and you can get years of usage out of them. Besides they always go on sale when it gets warmer. I love this jacket! I get so many compliments whenver I wear it and it’s extremely comfortable.Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-33That’s it for today . Hope you enjoyed this look and of course share your thoughts in the comments section. See you back soon.


Leather Jacket: Express Original $128; Paid $54

Tank Top: Forever 21 $2.50

Pants: Aeropostale Original $49.50; Paid $9

Purse/Bag: asos.com Original $30; Paid $18

Booties: Forever 21 Original $30; Paid $24

Jewelery: asos.com

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   Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-29  Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-22Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-23 Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-19Bears Den Lindsey Borgman-30

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