Crunch Time

Hi friends, Spring is finally here and I’m super excited about it.

With warmer weather comes the natural tendency for people to want to cleanse, detox, tone up, etc, all in an attempt to look great for bikini season.

I personally think if you want to look great for bikini season you should start your hot body journey during Winter but hey what do I know.

Btw, I don’t think you need to look a certain way to look great in a bikini. I think you can look amaze-balls in a bikini no matter what you look like… as long as you like what you look like, forget society’s standard of beauty; create your own standard.

With that said, I like to work out, not for bikini season…I don’t own a single bikini. I like to work out year-round (I do take days off) because I like the way it makes ME feel and look.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-136

I don’t know what this particular exercise is called…weighted-plie-squats-on-the-tippie-toe maybe? But this move works my entire body…i think {remember, I am no professional} and that’s why I do it. I love full body exercises. The squats of course work my thighs and booty, the calf raise, works my legs, the arms raised with weights works my arms, and it takes a bit of core strength to stay in this pose.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-138Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-137

I know my form in the lunge is not perfect but I was doing jump lunges and it is very difficult to maintain perfect form, for me at least, with plyometric/jump movements. When doing lunges keep the knees behind the toes.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-140

Wearing bright colors because I was excited it was finally getting warm. When I took these pictures it was still a little too cold for booty shorts and cropped tops so I went to the gym to take the pictures.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-141I love love love this sport cropped top. It’s so cute I could probably pair it with a skirt or shorts or pants or something like that and wear it out as a real outfit and it is super comfortable too. It is a little pricey but I got an awesome deal during the VS Christmas clearance sale.

My shorts, headband and shoes are all from ASICS. I love ASICS, they have very colorful pieces and working out can get a little hard sometimes so having cute outfits to work out in could be the kind of motivation you need to stay committed.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-144Thanks for reading.

VS Sport Crop Top: Victoria’s Secret Orig $26.50; Paid $7.99

Shorts: I believe they were called the tiger shorts but I don’t really remember and they were really cheap in the clearance section so they are no longer available

ASICS Gel-Electro33 Shoes: Oirg $110; Paid $55

ASICS wristband: Orig $10; Paid $5

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