5 Easy and Healthy Summer Snacks

Happy Easter friends!

Warmer weather is around the corner and a lot of people are trying to get their summer body on so that they can look good in their bikini collection.

I am no professional but in my experience, a huge part of getting rid of body fluff (fat) lies in what I put in my mouth. So today I am going to share 5-(ish) simple healthy snacks that have helped me curb my junk food addiction and helped me decrease my body fluff percentage.

(1) Fresh Fruit

FruitIf you are quite lazy like myself, then you’re a fan of fast food. Fruit is the best fast food in the entire world. So whenever you feel like having something sweet, don’t be scared to grab your favorite fruit and snack away! Some of my favorite fruits are dates, figs, berries, bananas, pomegranate, and grapes. What are some of your favorite fruits?

(2) Frozen Fruit

frozen-grapes-6And if you find regular fruit boring, you can spice it up a little by freezing the fruit and making a frozen treat out of it. I love frozen grapes as well as frozen blueberries. I just pop them in my mouth and I think they taste delightful. But don’t let me limit you, I think so many fruits taste good frozen but these 2 are my favorite.

(2.3) Another idea is to blend/juice seedless fruit that juices easily (water melon, honey dew, pineapples, etc) and then freeze the juice. Once frozen they taste great! you can scrape the out and eat it as shaved ice, or you can freeze the juice in popsicle cups and then eat them as popsicles. The possibilities are endless!

popsicle(2.6) Nice cream

niccecreamOne of my fave frozen treats of all time is to blend frozen fruit and eat it as ice cream. I always use frozen bananas as my base and dates as my sweetener then for differing flavors, I’ll add berries, or mangoes or sometimes cacao or sometimes a nut butter. It tastes even better than regular ice cream and it is completely guilt-free. Feel free to add whatever toppings.

(3) Fruit Salad

fruit-yogurtSuper easy, Just cut up some fruit and add to Greek yoghurt. A lot of people complain about the taste of Greek yoghurt but I find that when I mix it with fruit, it really masks the taste. So feel free to add honey or any other healthy sweetener you know of. For me, plain old fruit is good enough. Sometimes I sprinkle ground cinnamon on top.

(3.5) Parfait

parfaitVery similar to the fruit salad. But this has a few more ingredients. I usually add to Greek yoghurt, fruit, granola (and sometimes nuts, seeds and raisins). You can go ahead and make it all pretty by layering everything. I just mix everything together and stir. It all ends up in the same place anyway. Sometimes I add cinnamon.

(4) For PB Lovers

pbfruitsalad5I love nuts and nut butters. One of my fave snacks is sliced apples and a nut butter or bananas and a nut butter but nut butters taste good with any fruit or veggie. You can take it a step further and make it more filling by spreading the nut butter on bread and then layering your sliced fruit on top. You may sprinkle cinnamon on top.

(4.5)Still for PB lovers

ricecakesSpread your favorite nut butter on rice cake. You can eat as is or layer sliced bananas and then sprinkle cinnamon on top. Tastes great!

(5) Trail Mix

trailmixJust mix some of your favorite snacks and call it a day. I usually include some nuts (pistachios, cashews, almonds, pine nuts) raisins (I make sure the only ingredient is grapes), and some dried berries (goji berries, mulberries, golden berries). But again use what you like and what you have. There are so many different types of nuts and dried berries, a lot of which are quite healthy. If you are a chocolate lover, try adding cacao nibs or carob chips in place of chocolate chips as a healthier alternative.

I know these may not be the cleanest snacks to some people but I believe in making healthier alternatives and also in moderation. Overeating is still overeating no matter what you’re eating so practice self/portion control.

Let me know if you try out any of these snacks. What are some of your favorite snacks?

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