Late Night Prep


This post is a last minute one because I have been working on a presentation that is due this Friday. It also won’t be very long either.

I really hate presentations, the anxiety just stresses me out. I always wonder if I know enough to impart my knowledge to others.

Set5-17However, I have noticed that if I am dressed confidently some of that confidence carries over to my presentation.

I know some people look down of fashion and find it irrelevant. But a great outfit with a great pair of shoes can uplift your soul.

Set5-22This is just a simple sweater, which can be worn as a cropped sweater, but wearing it as such is not functional in my life.

Set5-23I picked up this pleated skirt on sale from Express, and I love to wear it with tights. The buttons in gold have little anchors on it and I think that adds a little something extra. I guess I can never let go of my British school girl past.       Set5-26  Set5-25

My sister was laughing at my nails. She said, ‘girl if you are going to have a blog you should get manicures’. I wash my hands so much at work that for me it is not cost effective. Also I can not paint my nails to the operating room and having to clean my nail polish after a manicure is also not cost effective. So I just keep my nails short and clean.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Cropped brown sweater: Banana Republic, Orig $79.90, Paid $49

Pleated navy anchor skirt (old): Express, Orig $70, Paid $14

Black tights: Anne Taylor, Orig $20, Paid $4 (birthday dollars)

Black Suede wedge ankle boots: Anne Klein, Orig $110, Paid $50

Top handle bag: The limited, Orig $59.50, Paid $25

Watch: MK

Rings: Swarovski, Icing

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