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Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-48

I woke up this morning all gussied up ready to go to the hospital, ready for my day. I stepped out of my town house only to be met by a sheet of ice covering my sidewalk. That’s the beauty of my job, I immediately turned around, pulled on some scrubs and a pair of sneakers. But this is the problem with trying to be a fashionista in this miserable weather.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-51I think the beauty of fashion blogging is that you get to see yourself in ways that a mirror can not completely capture. In my mind this skirt is a form fitting midi, however when I took pictures with it on, it was not as I envisioned it. The good things is that this skirt was super cheap, because I’m not loving it as much as I thought I would.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-49Hope you stay safe and warm in this weather. Be exceptionally careful that you don’t slip and fall as this seems to be the order of the day.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-52

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-47Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Have a wonderful day.


Scalloped peplum black top: Bebe, Orig ~$80, paid ~$20

Midi Skirt in green: The Limited (super old), Orig ~$70, paid ~$10

Basic black pumps: CL

Watch: MK

Purse: Bebe, Orig ~$80, Paid ~19

Jewelery: Swarovski, ruegembon

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