Lindsey_Borgman-0797Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-60…that’s what the weather has been lately. It was so cold and windy, I could barely keep my eyes open for the pictures.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-62All the while I was outside without my coat taking these pictures, all I could think was: “Oh Spring! Where art thou?”

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-56Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-57Winter is my least favorite season and at the start of every Winter I start counting down to Spring but I’m grateful for the Winter because without it, Spring wouldn’t be so AWESOME!

Lindsey_Borgman-0832(p.s: this picture has nothing to do with what I’m about to say or type next). Approach life with the same mentality. Regardless of the picture social media paints, NOBODY’s life is perfect. Everyone goes through their rough patches but you know what, without those rough patches, the good times wouldn’t be so AWESOME!

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-61I was standing outside at a state all time record low of -6 degrees Fahrenheit and I know it probably isn’t going to get colder for the rest of the Winter…#silverlining (the worst is behind me). As I stood outside in the freezing cold, I realized I only got stronger/ more resilient and my facial expressions got better. It was like I got used to the cold.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-59Life is the same way, you can find a silver lining around any dark cloud. If you go through really bad times, try to let it make you stronger and yes I know it’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me, I know; but what other choice do you have? Learn from it and do everything in your power (sometimes there’s only so much you can do) to prevent yourself from getting into that situation again.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-58Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-63At this point I was even beginning to get a little sassy. I braved the cold and won the war of Imelda vs Cold. With that said, don’t expect to see outdoor pictures from me for a some time 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay strong! The end of the storm may be closer than you think!


Sequin Front Crew Neck Sweater in Gray: Express/ Orig $60; Paid $30

Black Fishnet A-line Skirt: Forever 21/ ~$15

Ankle Boots: Aldo/ Orig $100; Paid $50

Black Sequin Turn Lock shoulder Bag: Express/ Orig $35; Paid $16

Jewelry: & Express/

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