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Lindsey_Borgman-0440What is up with this weather? When the weather is like this I really want to just head back to Ghana where it is warm all year long. Ah the decisions that we make!

I guess in my mind when I was putting this look together I was thinking that if I could not get to Ghana by air I could get there by sea; just reminds me of something nautical.

Lindsey_Borgman-0454I really wanted to incorporate colors into my look, but really it’s too cold for that. This is a muted look great for interviews and when I want that super serious look in the office.

Lindsey_Borgman-0449So one of the lovely nurses on my floor works part time at J Crew because she loves to shop. Once I found out I would have her be on the look out for great buys and deals, so that I don’t make futile trips as my time is very limited.

Anyhoo, I saw this blazer and I knew it had to me mine. J Crew blazers are usually a little pricey but this one was $50.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-16The dress is from the outlet mall. See, everyone in my family loves to shop so when we get together we bond at the outlet mall and that is where I find most of my outfits.

My mother and I went to the Banana Republic outlet and fell in love with the shop. She proceeded to pick all these clothes and of course dragged poor me to the dressing room and insists that I enter the stall with her. She begins trying on the clothes and nothing is fitting. BR outlet only runs to about a size 8 which is slightly small for my mother. With a huge look of annoyance on my mother’s face, she says: “I hate this shop”. As we are leaving she looks back with a wistful look in her eyes saying, ‘ah but these clothes are so classy’.

It would be great if BR had a wider selection of sizes so my dearest mother could join in my delight at the Banana Republic outlet.

Lindsey_Borgman-0441Stay warm and thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog.

Pleated stripped dress: Banana Republic outlet, Orig ~$120, Paid ~$25

Schoolboy blazer in navy with puffed sleeves: J Crew, Orig ~$200, Paid $50

Two toned clutch: Bebe, Orig ~$80, Paid ~$19

Basic black pumps: CL

Watch: Burberry

Jewelery: Swarovski

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  1. ELee

    March 14, 2015 at 16:54

    You know I love a good blazer! 🙂 I have one from Banana Republic that only cost me like $20-30… have to love the sales!

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