Baby’s Day out!

DSC_0376Happy Sunday! Hope you had a restful Saturday. One of my dear friends recently had a baby. When I met little Alivia for the first time, I thought to myself what a pretty baby. She was dressed in the cutest outfit, and then it occurred to me that it would be cool if our blog incorporated some fabulous, affordable baby fashion.

DSC_0375I’m sure some of our readers out there are mothers. I’ve often heard from my friends with babies that they just throw on the first thing that they can get their hands on in the morning and keep it moving. Also, babies grow so quickly that it makes it difficult to part with the money for some of the more pricey baby clothes. To them this is just not fiscally sound. But baby Alivia is able to look fabulous without breaking the bank.

DSC_0380I remember as a child I watched a movie which at the time was a huge hit called Baby’s Day Out. The movie was about a baby who went on a wonderful adventure based in a bedtime book that was read to him every night and he did all this in a onesie.

DSC_0400Alivia will be undertaking her days adventure in style. In the 1st look she is dressed for a night time adventure.


DSC_0517The 2nd a day trip!!

DSC_0518Even as I write this post I find myself laughing over the hilarity. Really all I wanted to do is post this beautiful baby and give some tips on affordable baby fashion



DSC_0531Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Thank you Courtney for all your help in putting this post together.


Night Look

Black sparkling tutu: Babies “R” Us, Paid $3.98

Sparkling Onesie: Walmart, Paid $4.00

Head band: Home made

Bracelet: Yard sale, Paid $15

Silver flat shoes: Carters, Paid $8.00

Day Trip

White and Pink onesie with bow and pink frilly shorts: Babies “R” Us, Paid $14.99

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