Beat the Cold

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-132

Hello everyone! It’s February already. Hope you’re staying warm this chilly winter.

The season I find it hardest to work out is winter because it’s so cold and I just want to remain curled up under the sheets. It may be hard for you too to get out there and work out. My advice: find ways to beat the cold. I beat the cold by turning the heat waaay up (at home) and working out at home.

Lindsey_Borgman-1390Another way I get motivated to work out is gym gear. Today I’m going with blue and black.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-129I love these mesh insert capris. Actually I’m a huge fan of mesh and love mesh on anything. The great thing about these pants is that I got them at an extremely low price yet they are such good quality. I’m able to put them on, take them off, throw them in the washer, all with no fear of ripping them.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-134I paired it with this basic black tank also bought at an affordable price. Of course I have it tied to keep it in place during my workout session.

Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-131The push-up is probably my favorite full-body work out. In my opinion it is just the perfect workout and it works all parts of the body.

I started out not being able to do full-body push-ups (and my form is still not perfect but I get better each day); I had to do them on my knees. Now they are favorite thing to do and there are so many variations of push-ups so it never gets boring.

Lindsey_Borgman-1409I strive for progress. I’ve come such a long way in terms of my fitness level and I get better each day. Everyone had to start somewhere and I’d just like to encourage whoever is reading this and thinking they can never get fit. Of course you can. Take it one day at a time. Find workouts you enjoy and set goals to be better each day and before you know it you’ll be doing things you never thought were possible.      Zelda & Imelda by Lindsey Borgman_-133 And remember to always warm-up before your workout and stretch afterwards.

Also remember (very important) I am an engineer not a fitness professional. Be careful whenever you do partake in any exercise. Be responsible and safe.

Thanks for reading and see you back soon.

Exp Core Honeycomb Mesh Tank: Express/ Orig $30; Paid $10

Power-Mesh Paneled Capris: Forever 21/ $10.80

Gel Excel 33 3 Running Shoes: ASICS/ Orig $120; Paid $60

*currently $75 on plus free U.S shipping*

ASICS wristband: Orig $10; Paid $5

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