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Yes, we’re working out in the Winter…that’s when Summer bodies are made.


This has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions. We all know how that works. Work out like crazy in the 1st week of December, and then everything goes down the toilet the rest of the year.


I’m talking about working out consistently all year round till it becomes a lifestyle.dsc00452

On to today’s post. Like I keep saying, Forever 21 has some pretty decent active wear at great prices.dsc00456

Today’s look, except for the shoes of course, is entirely from F21 Active.dsc00464

The top is sold out but the bottom is available in other colors. I will link it down below.


Like most people including myself, you may have gained a few pounds over the holiday season.  The important thing is to look ahead rather than beat yourself up over it.


You have the entire year to get in shape, so throw out that cloak of depression and disappointment and put on a brand new cloak of motivation and determination cuz YOU CAN DO IT! (lol so corny)


See you in the next one my friends.



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