Train Like An Angel


1 minute whilst I tie my shoes.


Ok I’m back…hello friends.




Ah, just look at how ripped I was…this was before the holidays. Anyway, on to today’s post.



Dear friends, I have become addicted to Victoria’s Secret Sport Gear, now known as Victoria Sport. Both tops and bottoms; but they can be pretty pricey. They however go on sale quite a bit so i have built myself quite a collection.



The top was a very pricey limited edition top, which I snagged when it went on clearance. For that reason, there was only one color left. The pants were 50% off, which is still quite pricey because it is originally $69.50, BUT I had a $10 secret reward so I ended up paying about $25, which is still quite pricey but workout clothes are really expensive, and this is a really high quality pair.

dsc08823 dsc08830

I resolved a while back to focus less on the look of my body and focus more on its ability. Been trying to get fitter and stronger.

dsc08844 dsc08848

Not caring too much about having the perfect bod has:

  1. Made me happier and less stressed because I don’t have to be perfect.
  2. It has actually helped my progress. Not focusing specifically on physical aesthetics does not mean it won’t happen.

If you eat right and exercise, the body you dream of WILL happen!



I actually never use the gym unless I wanna take some pictures so forgive me if my form is wrong in some of these.

dsc08855 dsc08876

Strong is beautiful my friends!

Oh and btw, these shoes have slowly but surely replaced my pink + black adidas. I have worn those everyday for the past three years; they were starting to wear so I decided to retire them.


Oh and Victoria Sport is having some really good Christmas sales, so head over to check it out…no this is not a sponsored post.

Stay safe my friends!

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