See that look, that is the look of someone who is all moved in and settling into her normal routine.DSC08597


Moving across the country for me meant many things. As a wife and the woman of the house (hehe) I took it upon myself to pack everything from our old home and also unpack everything into our new home. Trust me ladies, when it comes to such things, doing everything by your lonesome is a whole lot easier.



This meant I was super busy (not to mention the fact that I was traveling for 2 weeks prior to the move) and not able to do what kept me in shape like cook and exercise. I ended up not exercising for about a month and also eating out a lot.


The result was bloatation and loss of lean muscle. The old me would have been very distraught


But look at this face…is this the look of distraught-ed-ness? Nope!



and the truth of the matter is: even though it may look like I gained some weight, I really haven’t gained much fat. Lemme break it down for you. It takes an excess of 3500 calories to gain 1 pound of fat. Now I highly doubt I ate up to 3500 calories a day, BUT even if I did, I was also packing, and moving boxes, and running errands, etc…bottom line, I also burned some calories so my point is, it is going to take much more than this for me to gain a significant amount of fat weight….and same goes for you.



Often times, we beat ourselves up because we had one “bad” day or one “bad” meal or a treat and we think we have ruined months of hard work. FALSE! I have realized for me personally that when i veer off, what my body displays is nothing but bloatation. And that’s basically my body telling me: “this is something new it is not used to”. Basically my routine has changed. And guess what: this also happens even when I make a change for the better. I experience bloatation in the early stages of any change I make.



If you’ve made a change you feel is beneficial but you are looking “fatter” don’t despair. Stick with it  and see how your body adjusts. If, on the other hand,  you strayed a bit, get back on track and watch your body readjust in no time.



And actually, being away from the game has actually reignited my passion for health and fitness. I was so eager to get back and so happy to be back. Doing this for 3 years now, I was a little bored and tired so you know what? That break was just what I needed 🙂


Remember the addiction to the VS pants I spoke of a while back? Yeah! It’s really real.


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