Game. Set. Match.

DSC05999 DSC06006


DSC06008 DSC06017 DSC06018

Huge tennis fan here.

DSC06019 DSC06032 DSC06035

As much as I love tennis, never been a fan of the French Open so I’m glad it’s over and Wimbledon is right around the corner.

DSC06037 DSC06038 DSC06039

In my mind, I’m a tennis player and I’m going to win a grand slam someday!

DSC06044 DSC06061 DSC06075

These are my favorite shoes for playing tennis… they facilitate side to side movement.

DSC06079 DSC06091 DSC06093

I absolutely love this skort…so sexy. I love the top too…it’s a little snug though.

DSC06097 DSC06099 DSC06101

lol…the foolishness!

DSC06113 DSC06148

Can you guess how many times we had to take this picture?

DSC06165 DSC06180 DSC06182

Bye y’all!

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