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Hello friends. Long time no see. Been spending all my time watching the Australian Open? Who else is watching the Open?



I felt this outfit was very appropriate given the fact that female tennis players usually wear skirts or dresses. I’ve often fantasized myself as a professional player, I however always play in shorts and I always win! …hahaaaa i have wild dreams and my love for shorts runs deep.


I got this “skort” on a shopping escapade with mY mom. It was sooo cheap, like $5, so I decided it might be the best time to try working out in a skirt. My mom got it too. Hers had pink instead of green edges.


I like it. It looks cute and it covers you more. So for the ladies out there who are sensitive about their butts or thighs, shorts or capris or pants with a skirt over the butt area is definitely an option. 20151013_144218_014

I like that it has these spandex shorts underneath so you can do all you want in them and still not be exposed.


I like it a lot. It was extremely comfortable to work out in. But as much as I love it, I do not see myself buying  a whole lot of them. I still prefer shorts or capris or tights over them. I just don’t like thing flying around when I’m working out.


And it is for that reason I tied my shirt. It was just all over the place:-)



I like the top a lot too. I t is very cute and it was on sale. It is currently out of stock but I will link similar ones below.


What would you rather workout in?

Similar tops: here, here, and here

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