Best for Last


Hello friends. In a few hours 2015 will be over….and I leave you with this.



I really liked this dress when I saw it online, which is where I do most of my shopping…and add to the fact it was dirt cheap I just couldn’t resist.



I really liked this dress on its own, but I think the cape gives it a bit of a festive look.



I do not know how functional it will be in a few years because capes were really trendy and popular but not as much anymore. In any case, I can easily take of the cape and have this be my little black dress.


I love this dress a lot. It is super comfy and simple yet festive 🙂



A we enter 2016, I want all of us to remember what is truly important in this world. It is so easy to get caught up in today’s social media world, in the “perfect” life of others, and in everything we do not have.              DSC01036DSC00993Instead, let’s be grateful for the grace to be a part of 2016, to have food to eat and for our numerous blessings. DSC01017


Let’s work on being happy and content with what we have.  Let’s work on getting closer to God.



I believe life is just a journey to a final destination which is heaven. No one tries to accumulate wealth on a flight from, for example, California to Washington. Instead you try to have a comfortable and relaxing flight and arrive safely at your destination. Let’s keep that in mind and focus on how we can make it to heaven.



And even though this is not a fitness post, exercise is a great way to get over sadness, depression, envy etc. It is a great way to work on yourself, focus on yourself, and to do something good for you. It will make you a healthier, happier person, especially once you start noticing the results, and it will help you live a longer, fuller, life.


Have a safe last day of 2015 and may 2016 be your best year yet!


Dress; Shoes; Bag

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