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Hello friends. Here is another workout post.



The holidays are here and for many, this is the time when pounds are gained. I got married a few months ago + I’ve been super busy the last couple of months. So combine honeymooning and eating like a mad woman and being busy and not able to work out, I have accumulated quite a bit of holiday fluff.



But I do not let it stress me out. Life is too short, and looking a certain way is too unimportant to stress over.



Instead, I get up, put on my workout clothes, and get back to work. And when I do, I do not “over-train”. I do not try to make up for lost time, by doubling my workouts or halving my calories.



Instead, I get into my routine. Of course, my aim is not to get stuck in my routine but to improve and get better each day so I aim for a cleaner diet and getting stronger and being able to do stuff I couldn’t do previously.




This holiday season, do not worry about the number of calories you are consuming or how you can start dieting once the holiday season is over to make up for all the food you ate.


Of course, I’m all for eating healthy and exercising but not with that mindset. Enjoy time with friends and loved ones this holiday season. If you already lead a healthy lifestyle, get back into it right away, but don’t let that stop you form enjoying the company of loved ones. If you do not already lead a healthy lifestyle, plan to start ASAP. Research what you need to do. Ask me questions if you need help. There is so much useful info on the internet that can help. Living a healthy lifestyle is so fulfilling and I want everyone to get into it but not in a stressful manner.



Leading a healthy lifestyle is only sustainable if you enjoy what you’re doing. …And stressing is definitely not enjoyable, not to me anyway…that is why I am stressing, you do this stress-free and with the right mindset.


This is me “doing a one-arm push-up. But I can only do one and hubby wasn’t able to capture the moment hahahaaaa so yeah…

DSC00661 DSC00663  My clothes are super old. I got the shorts on sale at Aeropostale and the top at an ASICS warehouse sale. Find info on my shoes here and here


That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy this beautiful time with family 🙂


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