2nd Look

20151013_133100Hello friends.

20151013_133114Today’s post was inspired by this post.

20151013_133238Like I mentioned in that post, there were a lot of looks I could have recreated but I wanted the entire look to be from DICK’S, be functional and be affordable.

20151013_133301Kate-HudsonAnyway, when I came across this Kate Hudson look, I knew I could easily recreate it with what I owned but not everything in the post would be from DICK’S so I decided to save it for a later post.

20151013_13373620151013_134318I really like this look. I think it is hot, cute, sexy, comfortable, casual, etc.

20151013_13380520151013_133122This top is from my very first workout post. Click here to view it.

20151013_133309_00120151013_133825I believe it was about $10 from forever 21. They have a similar one in stock which I will link down below.

20151013_134011(0)20151013_134330The pants are the same ones I used for the Celebrity Athleisure look; they are sooo comfortable!

20151013_13402420151013_134331These slippers I’ve had for about 5 years. I don’t even remember where I got them from. All I remember is that they were on sale.

20151013_13402920151013_134407That’s it for today.

See you in the next one!

20151013_133124Similar Top

**Actual Top**

Reebok Women’s Printed Compression Capris


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