‘Tis the Season…To Eat

Zelda and Imalda-15Holla amigas! Happy thanksgiving. ‘Tis time to eat. I used to worry about undoing my hard work in the kitchen and in the gym by indulging during events but that is no longer the case. I have realized that CONSISTENCY all year round cannot be undone by a FEW cheat days. The key is consistency vs few. So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how to dress for eating occasions.

Zelda and Imalda-11I am going to spend thanksgiving with  family so I opted for something simple and comfortable with a lot of room for belly growth because I plan to eat! I chose this dress because it fits the description perfectly.

Zelda and Imalda-17It’s getting a little cold out here so the long sleeves are great in helping me keep my upper body warm. It however leaves my lower body exposed; that’s what the socks and boots are for…very cozy.

Zelda and Imalda-14For the PLL fans out there, you may recognize this dress (more like a more expensive version of this dress) from Spencer’s wardrobe in season 5. I was surprised to find an identical dress of high quality at such a low price.

Zelda and Imalda-16That’s it for today friends: short and sweet. I’ll leave you to go feast with friends and family. Stay safe my friends.

Dress: Aeropostale Orig $45; Paid $9

Socks: tobi.com Orig $12; Paid $6

Boots: Aldo Orig $100; Paid $50

Necklace: lulus.com $17

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  1. Carole-Anne

    November 27, 2014 at 11:38

    Hot stuff!! Love the socks <3

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