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20151013_134904Hello friends, welcome back. Today’s post is a very exciting one. And we’re really excited to share it with you.

VocalPoint_wTagWe were contacted by vocalpoint.com and asked if we would be interested in taking a celebrity athleisure look and recreating it at Dick’s Sporting goods in their newly redesigned Women’s Department. So that is what we will be sharing with you today.

vocalpoint1Vocalpoint.com is a community of women who like to share their opinions. It’s a great website with lots of reviews on various items and you also get to try out stuff through coupons and samples so definitely check it out. You can sign up for free.

20151007_162325I (Imelda here) was very excited about this opportunity so I made may way gingerly to my closest Dick’s and OMG it was like workout gear heaven! 20151007_162151  Let’s begin with how huge the aisles are and how well-lighted the store is. These pictures were taken with my phone, no fancy camera, yet look at the quality of the lighting in the photos.

20151007_162214It made shopping such a blast because it was a very comfortable experience. Lots of room to walk around and check out stuff without bumping into the stuff in the next aisle. And for women this is great, cuz it’s no longer a bother to go shopping with the young ones…lots of room for the entire family!

20151007_152435Now let’s move on to their selection. They have everything! Every apparel, every gear, every footwear, every brand. It is awesome.

20151007_152453I was in there for quite a while checking out their wide selection.

20151007_162201Now for people like me who love workout apparel, this may be a disadvantage because you may spend all your time and money at Dick’s…haha

20151013_134916My task: Recreate a celebrity athleisure look at Dick’s.

20151013_134949A lot of research went into this post. There were a lot of celebrity athleisure looks I could have recreated at Dick’s due to their wide selection.

53cdd2d42d04888580f9aae6e6d176a3But in the end I decided on this look by Victoria’s Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel.

20151013_135002The 5 factors that led to choosing this look over the others were functionality, affordability, comfort, durability, and of course aesthetics.

20151013_14311520151013_143117This outfit works in the gym. There is no workout you can’t do in workout capris, a tank and Nike Free 5.0s

20151013_135032It also transitions well onto the streets. You can take your workout outside and be able to do all the moves you want.

20151013_135608Nike Free 5.0s are great cuz they work for wide variety of workout. They are of course great running shoes, but they also work great for other cardio/aerobic workouts and even strength training and muscle building exercises.

20151013_135634I’m aware Candice was wearing pants and not capris, but workout bottoms get very expensive with length and I wanted to make this look affordable to I opted for capris instead of pants. They still do the job. Plus this particular style was on sale 🙂 The tank is very affordable too and the Nike Free5.0s were on sale.

20151013_135014Her top is also ripped and raggedy. You can easily achieve that look by cutting up your shirt. I didn’t want to do that to this top but if you really wanted to go an extra step to recreate her look, that would be an option.


The entire outfit is extremely comfortable. It is made of high quality materials that will allow you to workout without discomfort.

20151013_135835Like I mentioned before, it is extremely high quality, so I expect it to last a really long time 🙂

20151013_134832That’s it ladies. I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Be sure to check out vocalpoint.com and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This post is sponsored by vocalpoint.com and DICK’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.


I think I did a pretty good job. What do you think?

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