Zelda and Imalda-73Hi Everyone, hope your weekend was wonderful. Thanksgiving is this week and with it comes multiple sales. I have noticed that the day before Thanksgiving sales for clothes are not that much different than Black Friday. Sometimes I have also noticed that sales the day after Black Friday are even better. The risk with this is that you may miss out on some pieces that you may want. But for me this is a risk that I am willing to take to get the cheapest deal.Zelda and Imalda-75During Thanksgiving I think of an outfit that can allow me to eat and not show my fed belly. This dress I picked up does just that. The dress is roached and is therefore very forgiving.

It is Thanksgiving and I just want to say be very thankful for everything in your life. Working in the hospital just waking up without a headache brings words of thanks to my lips.

Zelda and Imalda-74Be grateful and thankful for the things you have and don’t dwell on the things that you don’t have. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

Shopping tip: Take advantage of Black Friday, however don’t be lured by the discounts and buy things that you will never wear, especially clothes that don’t fit, all because it was cheap and you hope at some point in the year your will fit into it.


Dress: Tinley Road, Orig ~$90, Paid ~$20

Wedged heels: BCBG, Orig ~$100, Paid ~$50

Accessories: [currently 15% off with code HOLIDAY]

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