Fall is in the air

Photo Jul 23, 9 21 03 AMHello friends! Fall is finally here.

Photo Jul 23, 9 21 59 AMI can’t believe it’s about to get cold again. Ugh warm weather season isn’t long enough!

Photo Jul 23, 9 22 04 AMAnyway, let’s get into today’s post…a combo of two of my loves from my wardrobe.

Photo Jul 23, 9 23 47 AMAbsolutely love this skirt and this denim crop individually but the combination makes me love them more than i thought was possible…lol…#dramatic

Photo Jul 23, 9 23 52 AMThis skirt was an amazing find during the express Christmas sale. Unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore. I paid about $12 for it.

Photo Jul 23, 9 24 12 AMThey also had it in blue and red. I bought it online and once i received it, I immediately run to get it in the other colors but they had run out #darnit #yousnoozeyoulose

Photo Jul 23, 9 23 44 AMThis crop is one of many purchases from forever21. I love it so much. It is so unique.

Photo Jul 23, 9 24 23 AMToo bad I didn’t get a picture up close. It is a denim crop with buttons down the front…#supercute

Photo Jul 23, 9 25 48 AM

lol I’m really into the hashtags today.

Photo Jul 23, 9 25 16 AMOnly God knows what I was doingin this picture. I guess I was pulling a Samson…trying to bring down the building!

Photo Jul 23, 9 25 55 AMAnyway…moving on (with more randomness)

Photo Jul 23, 9 26 26 AMPhoto Jul 23, 9 26 49 AMIn my opinion, nothing says “Fall” like “the color orange”. Accessorize any outfit with orange to fall-rize it. And of course, can’t forget the shades; it’s still sunny out.

Photo Jul 23, 9 24 03 AMThat’s it for today ladies and gents. Hope you enjoyed this post and see you back soon 🙂

Photo Jul 23, 9 21 19 AMDenim Crops

Taupe Skirt: similar?

Ankle Strap Sandals

**also worn here**

Bag: Find here

**also worn here**

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