Final Days

File Sep 06, 12 57 38 PMHi friends, long time no see.  Can you believe summer is over already?

Photo Jul 23, 10 10 44 AMWell that really depends on where you live. I live in the South so it’s still pretty sunny down here.

Photo Jul 23, 10 10 52 AMPlus summer is my favorite season so I’m going to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Photo Jul 23, 10 10 50 AMFor my look today, I stole a page (plus shoes minus the price tag) out of Zel’s book.

Photo Jul 23, 10 05 45 AMCan you believe, minus the shoes and shades, this entire look costs under $50?!

File Sep 06, 12 58 52 PMLet’s start with this super cute crop top. Because I’m well-endowed in the chest area, you’ll almost never catch me wearing a strapless top, much less a strapless crop top. But this top is so cute and was dirt cheap so it wouldn’t have been right for me to pass it up. It was pretty tight so I didn’t have to worry about it slipping off. I believe I paid about $12 for it.

File Sep 06, 12 58 29 PMJust like the top, (and most of my other clothes) I had wanted this skirt for a really long time, but I patiently stalked it and waited for it to go on sale.

If you wait long enough, almost everything goes on sale eventually. The only danger is that your size may be sold out. My size was actually sold out so I had to get a size smaller than I usually would, but hey it keeps me motivated to stay in shape 🙂

I paid$12.50 for this skirt!

File Sep 06, 12 59 28 PM

File Sep 06, 1 22 34 PMThis purse was also in the $12 range. I love it so much. I’ve used it a couple of times here and here. A pop of red is always enough to make any outfit stand out.

My ring is from forever 21. It’s pretty old.

File Sep 06, 1 22 58 PMThese shoes are Zel’s. Y’all know I can’t afford Valentinos on my engineer’s salary. She wore it  here.

File Sep 06, 1 24 12 PMMy sunglasses are Gucci. I bought it one summer back when I was in undergrad. I had a good-paying summer job, I was young and had no use for my money. hahahaaa

File Sep 06, 1 23 43 PMI really do love this outfit. I hope you like it too. I even thought about wearing it for my wedding.

Photo Jul 23, 10 05 22 AM That’s it for today ladies. Hope you enjoyed this post.

File Sep 06, 1 24 37 PM


Be My Guest Ivory Crop Top

High Waist Zebra Print Full Midi Skirt

Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather Pumps

Bag: soldout but similar-ish here, here and here


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