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Photo Jul 23, 9 44 45 AMHi friends. Don’t I look like an ostrich in this picture?

Anyway, remember a while back when Zel made this post? Well, this is my version.File Aug 26, 7 52 33 PMThis is my go-to dress for Spring and Summer weddings and I love it so much for so many different reasons:

  1. It was a gift from my roommate: My grad school roommie was getting married and she wanted me to be her maid-of-honor but she felt bad about making me buy a dress cuz she knew how poor I was so she got me this dress and asked  me to be her maid-of-honor. For that reason, this dress means so so much to me! And she got married on my birthday 🙂
  2. It was my first time maid-of-honoring so ofcourse this dress holds a special place in my heart
  3. It’s just so beautiful

File Aug 26, 7 28 58 PMI love  the v-neckline in the back and the exposed zipper, but most of all, I love the fit-and-flare cut of the dress. It’s the fit I think suits me most. It accentuates my well endowed chest and shows off my waistline but hides my little bum 🙂

File Aug 26, 7 33 50 PMI pair it with gold accessories because in my opinion, it brings everything together. The dress is gorgeous and bright but it is also quite simple; I accessorize with bright gold to give it some character.

File Aug 26, 7 19 36 PMCan we take and moment to revel in the beauty of this clutch…hahaaaa, I love it so so much! It was the purchase of this bag that got me hooked on bags. I used to not be a bag person until this. I love it so so much and it was on sale for all of $20. I should’ve done a close-up cuz it really is a thing of beauty…hahaaaa I’ll give you a better view in a later post.

File Aug 26, 7 19 16 PMRemember this headpiece? I wore it here but it was all tangled so I promised to wear it in a later post. Well here you go. I love a simple high-bun but I also understand it can be plain. This is my way of spicing it up. I love it so much! File Aug 26, 7 51 58 PM

All my ankle-strap sandals cost $20-$25 except of this one cuz I understand that it’s a classic. I get many uses out of it and it will be functional for many years. It is also a lot more comfortable than my cheaper ones and hey it was on sale so why not?!

File Aug 26, 7 18 53 PM…trying to be the model I am not…hahahaaa.

Peace out friends!

Home Before Daylight Mint Green Dress

Nude Chinese Laundry Jealous Two Piece Dress Sandals

**also worn here and here**

River Island Pearlised and Metal Rectangular Box Clutch Bag

Chain Drop Hair Combs

**also worn here**

Statement Necklace and Bracelet

**also worn here and here

Bracelets and Rings

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