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Hi fiends! Welcome!

Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite plyometric/jumps moves. Plyometrics is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. It is one of my favorite ways to workout because it works the entire body including the heart plus I just find pleasure in jumping around 🙂

File Aug 11, 3 42 19 PMMy first tip: Always jump from the bottom; knees first, it allows for more power and momentum.

My second tip: Always land softly. I personally like to land toes first, then bend my knees and then finally I let my heels touch down.

My start and end position are very similar. They both look like the picture above. I find that this is easy on my joints and I am able to jump higher and for longer periods when I use this method.

File Aug 11, 3 41 47 PMForgive my face. I have no idea why I look like this. This jump is not even that hard. This is the X-JUMP.  Jump up, from the bottom, and the shoot your legs and arms out to form an “X”.

File Aug 11, 3 42 03 PMIf that’s too easy for you, you can make them harder by adding weights. Same move, just hold weights while you do this move.

A simple way of making and move more challenging is by adding weights.

File Aug 11, 3 41 32 PMNext up is a POWER JUMP! No other exercise wears me out like a power jump.

Again start from a bottom position and then jump up whilst bringing the knees up to meet your palms. Be careful not to bend over too much. Keep your chest up. The idea is for he knees to go up to meet the palms not the palms go down to meet the knees.

File Aug 11, 3 42 50 PMNext is a diamond jump. We all love diamonds don’t we? Well put your love into action!

File Aug 11, 3 51 51 PMAgain, jump from the bottom, and then move your arms and legs up to form 2 diamonds. Your arms form one diamond, and your legs form the other.

File Aug 11, 3 52 32 PMThis is another very tiring move and as I get tired my “diamonds” get more and more deformed.

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I have a thing for martial arts and a secret love affair with Chinese movie star Donnie Yen. I dream of being in a movie with him where I can be a bada*s ninja, dragon, dragon monkey, monkey, or whatever…just put me in a movie with him and I’ll be the best whatever hahaaa.

In preparation for our movie together. I’ve been working on my air kicks. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born very flexible so it’s taking a while, but I’ll get there.

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I’m wearing one of my fave outfit combos. The shorts are super comfortable and affordable and I find them so cute. I love the colors and the cinching at the sides.

The top is also very comfortable. It is great for intense workouts cuz it has that wicking? technology thing going on and keeps me comfortable even as I sweat through my workouts. It was a little too loose for my personal comfort so I tied it in the back. It is very dear to my heart cuz it was a gift from Zel.

File Aug 11, 4 02 37 PMRemember to warm up before your workouts and cool down afterwards.

Also remember, I am no professional.  You practice what I preach at your own risk 🙂

Ok bye. Love you!

Leopard Print Sports Tank Top

Cinched Training Shorts

ASCIS Gel Excel 33 3 Running Shoes

**also worn here and here**

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