Welcome 70’s

File Jul 23, 7 54 04 PMThis season the 70’s are back with a vengeance.

File Jul 23, 7 54 44 PMAs you can tell if you have been follow our blog for a while, I don’t often wear pants because I feel like with my height it is very difficult to find pants that are the right length which are also flattering.

File Jul 23, 7 55 23 PMPrior to the start of every school season my brother and I go shopping for a little wardrobe upgrade. He loves rave, and I would have to agree with him.

File Jul 23, 7 56 03 PMThe clothes are very affordable, plus you know that the clothes will probably only last that one year.

File Jul 23, 7 58 38 PM

That is the key to having a fashionable wardrobe without breaking the bank. Clothes that are seasonal should be bought cheap, so that they can be discarded the following season.

File Jul 23, 7 56 30 PMI saw this romper whilst shopping for my brother and ordered it online, hoping for the worst.However, even if it was bust it was only about $8 I would be losing.

File Jul 23, 7 59 34 PMWhat I loved about this romper was that the legs were synched in at the ankle, as opposed to some others that I have seen with the legs being baggy because I just don’t have the height to pull that look off.

File Jul 23, 7 57 03 PM

File Jul 23, 8 05 33 PMThis look is just a fun and casual look which works well if worn to functions with colleagues or friends.

File Jul 23, 8 00 37 PMThese sandals have already made an appearance on the blog, but I just want to reiterate the importance of nude (but whose nude really?) sandals for the summer, you will get multiple uses out of it.

File Jul 23, 7 58 00 PM

Then when the season is over, clean them and pack them up saving them for another season as they are timeless.

File Jul 23, 7 58 55 PM

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File Jul 23, 7 59 12 PMPatterned black and white romper: Rave (old)

Alexandre Birman Leather Tie Sandals (Nude)

**also worn here**

Watch: MK

Necklace: Nashelle

Bracelets: Swarovski & Cruciani

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