Engineers Do It Better

lindsey_borgman2-1008Hello friends. Remember this post?

lindsey_borgman2-1000Well Daryl and I were witnesses to this. We watched Zel struggle and struggle to stay on the hammock.

lindsey_borgman2-1005Finally, she figured it out, and she was able to stay on long enough to take some pictures and we were so proud of her.

Daryl decided he also wanted to take some pictures in the hammock and were were prepared for another falling episode.


But it wasn’t so. He got on and stayed on. No swaying, no balance checks, nothing! He was on that thing like a bawse!

IMG-20150508-WA0050He was even able to play with his sunglasses, his fishing hat, etc. It was like he was lying on his bed…so relaxed and effortless.

So I was like: let me try…


So I got on, and I was like: what was Zelda falling for? Hahaaaa I found it so easy to stay on.

IMG-20150508-WA0058I even did the “no hands. I was having a blast! It was so much fun to be on there.    IMG-20150508-WA0060

In an attempt to understand what Zelda was going through, I had to stage a fall…and even that I did so gracefully.

Collage2 In the end we came to only one conclusion: Engineers Do It Better!

(Daryl and I are both engineers, Zelda is a doctor).PicsArt_1437607564817

Hahahaaa all of Zelda’s doctor friends (her goons, as I call them) will come after me soon).


Zelda’s Outfit: here

Daryl’s Outfit: here

Imelda’s Outfit: here

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