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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday. Halloween just passed, thanksgiving is a week away, soon we’ll move into the Christmas and New year season. Many of us plan to indulge now, then get our fitness on in the new year.   Zelda and Imalda-138But why wait until the new year to get started? You probably had the same resolution at the start of 2014. How did that work out? Why not start working out now so you can start covering some ground toward your goal.

Zelda and Imalda-134Besides, it’s a great time to start shopping. There are a lot of sales going on. I got both this top and shorts combo for less than $20. I love these shorts. They are the perfect texture for working out and so comfortable. The drawstrings on the sides add an extra touch of sexiness.6--2139The top is just as sexy. I love working out in fitted cropped tops because I find them more comfortable. I hate it when I have fabric flying all over my body when I’m trying to get my workout in. And check out this mesh detail at the back. I absolutely love it.

Zelda and Imalda-149And yes, I know it’s cold in a lot of places at the moment and that is the excuse most people give for not working out during the colder months, that and the fact that winter clothes are very forgiving.Zelda and Imalda-151

I personally usually work out at home using home workout videos so the weather outside does not affect my routine. But if you can’t work out at home, you can throw on a jacket like I did here and keep warm until you get to the gym, which is probably not too far otherwise you would drive and in that case you would only need to keep warm from your door to your car.

Zelda and Imalda-154

Athletic shoes are very important if you plan on making fitness a part of your lifestyle. You need a good pair, and that cost a bit of money, but they last a really long time and you only NEED one. I got mine on sale at an outlet mall. And again, it’s sale season, and a good time to get good shoes.

Zelda and Imalda-157If these are your first pair and you plan on doing any activities that involve lateral movement, I would recommend training shoes, or running shoes with a broad and flatter base, such as the ones I’m wearing which will allow lateral movement with less likelihood of rolled ankles. These are a good pair to start with. I wore them 4-5 a week for over a year before I got a new pair and they never let me down. I still use them.

I know this is a long post so thanks for hanging with me.

Mesh Cropped Top: Forever 21 Original $10.80; Paid $8.64

Side-cinched shorts: Forever 21 Original $11.80; Paid $9.44

Shoes (adidas climacool): Adidas outlet Original $120; Paid $50



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