Island Vacation

lindsey_borgman2-1144Hello friends and family! Hope that you are having a very good week.

lindsey_borgman2-1138I having been watching a Korean drama recently called Mask. Oh the fashion! So beautiful.

lindsey_borgman2-1146Then this got me thinking. I definitely have to go to Korea soon for the food and fashion. So I quickly went on Expedia and started looking up the price of trips.


Of course once I got to the website I started looking up what it would cost to go to a warm Caribbean beach. Then of course in my mind I started to plan what my wardrobe would look like on this said trip.     lindsey_borgman2-1180

This dress would look perfect on my island vacation for a dinner date with some friends. The only problem is that this dress is so unforgiving. Every lump or bump is seen.


When I bought this dress I actually went with one of my closest friends and we had just had lunch at a fabulous Thai restaurant. I put on this dress feeling like I was all that and a slice of bread. She took one look at me and said oh my gosh Zelda, you are fat. I just looked at my image in the mirror and had no response. Just shook my head and asked the sales lady to rap the dress up for me. I would not be deterred. That would be my motivation to lose some weight.


I really love the colors in this dress and I have always felt that pink is very flattering on me.


The shoes were a great find at the outlet mall. I think Prada has a pair like this, of course it is mad expensive. So on one of my mother and I’s many excursions to the mall we came across these shoes which were only $14. Be warned however, that they are not the most comfortable of shoes. There is no padding in the shoes and sometimes I feel like I am walking on the ground. But it is worth the money. I would not pay anymore for these. I guess that is why expensive shoes are expensive.


I love this purse too as it allows you to carry it as a blue or white clutch. It is entirely up to you and what you are wearing that day.


Hope you are taking some time to enjoy the weather as in no time it will be fall as fall fashion pre-orders have already started.


Nordstrom is having a huge sale currently. Don’t be afraid of these big name shops as sometimes their sale prices beat out even the shops with cheaper prices.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Very Colorful Dress: BEBE/

**somewhat similar here and here**

Black Cutout Shoes: Nine West/

**somewhat similar here**

Two-toned/ Colorblock Purse: BEBE/

**also worn here**

Jewelry: Swarovski/

Gold Watch: MK

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