Family Fun

lindsey_borgman2-0128Hi friends. Welcome back. Today we are going to share some behind the scenes moments with you 🙂

lindsey_borgman2-0115Daryl had so much fun shooting with us. He has a name for all his poses (which only he knows/understands). So before a picture for example, he would say: “Let’s do the Kobe” then me and Zelda would be like “huh” then we would proceed to die of laughter.

lindsey_borgman2-0116Before this picture for example, he called the “look away”. Of course Zelda didn’t catch on.

lindsey_borgman2-0121And then we all started cracking up.

lindsey_borgman2-0124After a little practice, she got it. Hahahaaaa

lindsey_borgman2-0131I don’t remember what this was called. The Back-Up maybe?

lindsey_borgman2-0190This is the “serious look”

lindsey_borgman2-0289All 3 of us decided to get into the shot for this one.

lindsey_borgman2-0295Here, Daryl was starting to crack us up again.

lindsey_borgman2-0300I think he was saying something about his shoes?

And as you can see, Zelda could not stop laughing!    lindsey_borgman2-0302Not me though, I’m a pro! Always ready for a picture. hahaa

Thanks for reading.

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  1. chiclycute

    July 14, 2015 at 13:56

    What model poses run in the family? Is Daryl the one who usually shoots you both?

    1. Zelda & Imelda

      July 14, 2015 at 22:37

      Hahaaaa you’re too kind!:-)

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